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Reiki Training is offered at both Shoden (First Degree) and Okuden (Second Degree) Level. 

SHODEN will introduce you to Reiki -  to experiencing Reiki for yourself, and learning some simple energy exercises which will help develop your sensitivities to Reiki energy.

You will also learn some simple self-treatments, helping you to work on yourself, as well as working on friends and family.

Three Reiju empowerments will be given on the day.

OKUDEN is often regarded as Practitioner Level, as this is the level required to obtain insurance to practice as a Reiki therapist. However it is about much more than that.

It is about further developing your own connections with Reiki. 

This comes through three further Reiju empowerments and attunements.  You will also learn and practice using the Reiki symbols, as well as developing a highly intuitive,sensitive approach to working with Reiki, both on yourself and on others, in person and at a distance.

Usui worked with individual students over a long period of time, an approach which is rarely taken in the west. Taking inspiration from this approach, I only train either 1:1, or with two people who already know each other.

This ensures training is more tailor-made around you on the day, while also following a structure ensuring you receive quality tuition.

Both courses comprise of 8 hours attended training, plus a similar amount of work on your own. 

The 8 hours is split over 2 days, with 4 hours training on both days, no more than 4 weeks apart. 

In between the attended days, you will be practising working with energy, on yourself and others.


Returning on the second day gives you the chance to share about your journey working with Reiki, ask any questions, and to then further develop these abilities. 

Both courses include a manual and certificate. 

Shoden:   1:1 costs £150, or £100 per person where two people known to each other are taking the training together.

Okuden:   1:1 costs £200, or £150 per person where two people known to each other are attending the training on the same day.

Please do not hesitate to ring to talk about training with me.

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