Many people have experienced trauma in their lives, whether as children or adults.

This may come in many different and unexpected ways, from childhood abuse, to sudden loss, domestic abuse as adults, accidents, conflict.

Here at JT Therapies you will be listened to as a whole person, your story heard and validated.

We will discuss together which therapy/therapies would be best suited for you. This may change over time as well. 

Reiki can be a hands-off therapy, and can be highly effective for emotional and spiritual healing, and for relaxation.

Trauma can often lead to a rupture in our spiritual self as well. This may also be something which can be acknowledged and explored in the safety of your time with me. For survivors of ritual abuse and spiritual abuse this is particularly true. There will never be any coercion - you have had enough of that in your life. Simply safe space to start living once more. 

While Bowen is very much a hands-on therapy, I will be aware of your need for space, for boundaries. Bowen is carried out through light, flexible clothing, and can be carried out seated as well as lying down.

It may be that you would like to try a form of body-work as part of your healing from abuse, but are understandably apprehensive about touch. Any physical touch will always remain in your control, and proceed at a pace you are comfortable with.

Bowen : When trauma has occurred, the body will often be - and remain in - survival mode; a Fight - Flight - Freeze - Flop pattern which many hands-on techniques fail to address adequately because the body is still in this mode and does not realise that it is safe to relax.

The gentle moves of Bowen, performed over muscles tendons and ligaments, and directly affecting the nervous system, send a message to the brain to say that the emergency is over, healing can begin. This is further enhanced by the regular pauses between moves, allowing the body chance to re-set itself.

​Further, most Bowen moves are done on the out-breath, relaxing the diaphragm, and in turn influencing the vagus nerve, a highly important part of the nervous system responsible for fight - fight - freeze - flop behaviours.

Sometimes a client will experience a powerful release of stress from the body, such as trembling, or an emotional release. Unprocessed traumatic memory is stored in the body, and such releases during any bodywork can be a sign that the person is processing that traumatic memory, long held within.

While Reiki is long-recognised as being as much a distance healing modality, Bowen as a First Aid modality can also be brought in via a video call. 

Longer sessions are available for both Bowen & Reiki where required, to ensure you have the time and space needed to feel comfortable.

You are the person who matters, and who will always be treated with care and respect.