The Bowen Technique is a soft tissue remedial therapy which consists of a series of gentle rolling moves over muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, with frequent pauses between moves giving the body time to benefit.

Bowen is very gentle, making it a suitable therapy for people of all ages, from the newly-born to the elderly.

Bowen has been reported to help a wide range of ailments. It is holistic in nature, addressing the whole body. 

There is no attempt within a Bowen treatment to force the body to change.   Rather, through releasing stress at a very deep level, via its deep, calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System, Bowen encourages and enables the body to heal itself.
A sense of well-being can be achieved, helping relax the person and remove every day stress and anxiety, and helping the recipient function at their optimum.

In September 2016 I trained in Fascia Bowen, based on the work of Howard Plummer.
The moves of Fascia Bowen can be incorporated into a normal Bowen treatment, or used on their own, depending on the needs of clients.

Might Bowen Help YOU?

Bowen does not aim to treat specific conditions in any way, but seeks to work on the person as a whole.  

First Aid Bowen is also available, for clients who cannot make an appointment in person due to illness or any other reason.  These are not a substitute for a hands-on Bowen treatment, but will offer some support.  These take place via a video call such as Facetime or Skype. 

For testimonials on how Bowen has helped people with a wide range of symptoms and issues, see


This video provides a good, short introduction of what to expect in a Bowen treatment.

Please do phone to discuss how Bowen may help you.

Should you be willing to provide feedback on your experience of Bowen with me,  please could you follow this link to complete a short questionnaire.

Many thanks.


Usui Reiki - Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'Universal Life Energy' - is a technique for working with energy, developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism. It is a tradition open to any belief system, or none.

Originally, Reiki was a system for self-healing, self-development and spiritual development.
It is now known primarily as a complementary therapy for treating other people.

The practitioner's hands may be placed on or off the body during the session, and may also be received at a distance.

Benefits may include deep relaxation and bring about a calm peaceful sense of well-being.

As well as offering Reiki treatments, as a Reiki Master-Teacher I will sometimes incorporate Reiju empowerments into your therapeutic session where appropriate, enabling you to further work on yourself in between sessions. This will always be discussed with you beforehand.

Reiki Drum combines a normal therapy session with the ancient practice of drumming to bring about a state of deep relaxation.

Celtic Reiki forms a synthesis between Usui Reiki and Celtic philosophy and practice. As with the practice of Reiki developed by Usui, it is a vibrational, energy based form of treatment.

As a holistic therapy it includes a wide range of Essences, including those from Trees & Crystals.


Because of the breadth of what it offers, it is the medium for Reiki which you are most likely to encounter if you chose to come to me.

The lasting effects and the whole experience tend to go deeper, and it becomes a journey ever forwards into new places of healing and growth.


Other Therapies

Flower Essences can help to bring a deeper level of emotional and physical health, and I have found them to be powerful catalysts in combating negativity and restoring energy and positivity in life.

I do not carry a specific range, but seek to source the appropriate remedy for each client. This can then be ordered from Healthlines in Cumbria, or other suppliers, depending on the range recommended.

Celtic Reiki includes working with the energy of plants and trees, and can be a powerful way of experiencing these essences without taking them internally.

Reflexology is a gentle touch therapy which activates certain points on the feet which are believed to correspond with other parts of the body. 

Blending with and throughout these is spiritual care for you.

Spiritual Care as a more formal integrated way of being with you can help you discover your own spirituality, your own spiritual path, independent of any defined religious path - although it may include one. 

Distance Healing - which can include Reiki, Celtic Reiki & Bowen.